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About Badger Canyon RV

We Are Mobile RV Repair

We believe in that personal touch with our business. We have been with larger companies before and have seen how customers can get lost in the shuffle.

Once you get to know us you will find that we are the ones you can call on Christmas day with an Emergency. We will get back to you even if it’s just to try and talk you through something over the phone.

– Justin

Flat Rate & Service Call Guidelines

We utilize the Spader Business Management RV Flat Rate Manual to compile these flat rates.

For job/ task rates Badger Canyon RV uses the guideline published in the flat rate manual for the RV industry and adjusts accordingly.

An RV service center will tell you those published rates or guidelines are not concrete prices to perform a specific task. The manuals themselves state this as well on the first few pages. But it is a fair starting point.

There is nothing standard about fixing an RV, that is why the idea of an RV industry flat rate is at best a guideline to be adjusted accordingly.

We use these rates to be able to give you a rough estimate without being on site.

For example the flat rate guideline to remove and replace a water heater is 1 hour, plus .5 hour to conduct an LP Pressure drop test. (Whenever the LP gas line is open, it is critical to conduct a leak test and a pressure drop test to ensure the integrity of the LP gas system). So now you are at 1.5 hours to remove and replace a water heater.

Now let’s say getting to the back of your water heater where all the plumbing connections and electrical connections are. I have to remove part of a wall and your furnace, now we are looking at additional time to remove all this extra stuff and replace it just to perform the water heater job. You can now see why the flat rate manuals are more of a guideline.




If you set an appointment to bring your rig to me then there would be no service call fee involved. Since I didn’t have to go anywhere to start working on your rig.

If I have to load up and head to your location I charge a service call fee to offset not only my time to get to your location but also the equipment I have to operate and maintain to get to you. The farther I have to travel the more I charge.




At this moment in time we do not do factory warranty repairs  but we will Do extended warranty repairs and insurance repairs. If this is a Factory warranty repair that is needed we will be more than happy to do any work that the customer will pay for and seek reimbursement from the factory.

A Friendly Experience

Badger Canyon RV got me in within the week of calling them. They quoted me an hour of service time and parts. What their Technician thought would take an hour only took a half hour. This Company saved me time and money. My bill was half what I thought it would be. This business is honest. You don’t see that anymore. Not to mention what a friendly experience. Customer service was Great!


Frustrated In The Freezing Cold

I had an Emergency with My Motorhome.  My Batteries were dead from sitting all winter Long. Badger Canyon RV was on scene the day of and got my motor home up and running. I was relieved when their service man was there in a flash. Not only was he professional but he had a lot of knowledge on what he was doing. What took me an entire day working on and getting frustrated in the freezing cold, He had it done in a matter of minutes. I didn’t even come out with a huge bill because he was done in a timely matter. I highly recommend this company. They are Proficient and Professional. Thank you, Badger Canyon RV., I will be calling you any time I need you! 



Jack Of The Trade

Badger Canyon RV is truly a Jack of the trade! And fast!!!!!

I just have to leave a review of the great experience I had with Badger Canyon RV. This Tech is very Personable. He is THE KNOWN RV TECH around. When I found out he was mobile I called him for some maintenance needs. I will NEVER go anywhere else. Thank you! 


My Former Clients Go To Him

I have known this RV Technician for years. I used to own my own RV repair shop and recommend all my former clients go to him.


Magic Man

This Team has many Years of Experience, and it shows. Justin is Honest and a master at completing his work. He treated me fairly and did a job very well. I call him the magic man.


Being Honest

Badger Canyon Showed his expertise in his work. He saved me a lot of money by being honest.

Thank you, Badger Canyon RV, 

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Let us offer support for you and your RV’ing needs. We value Family. Our business has a strong sense of communication and will get back to you in a timely matter. Your time is as valuable as ours. 

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